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Bespoke HQ

Monthly pricing varies

Description: Whether you’re looking for a primary HQ or you want to setup a second outpost we have what you need. Equipped with your own conference rooms and common areas, these private offices will be accessible only to you and your team

Best option for: Companies with 25+ employees

Frequently asked questions

Reliable and fast internet network

In addition to having access to a fast WiFi connection, it is also possible to use the connection ports (Ethernet) located in each private office. Private IP addresses and storage on the server are available at an additional cost.

Conference rooms

All types of memberships include a monthly credit allocation plan that can be used for conference room booking. Reservations can be made through the online members portal or through the members portal mobile application.


Private offices and assigned workstations have access to a chair, a lockable filling cabinet and a desk.

Printing service

Our space is equipped with printing stations where it is possible to print, scan and copy documents. A number of black and white and color copies are allocated monthly to the assigned desk and private office members.

Dynamic and exclusive events

Take part in events of all kinds to connect with members of our community. You can find the schedule of events directly through the online members portal under the event tab or via the mobile application.

Flex membership

The flex subscription allows members to access the members portal and connect with the community. In addition, this subscription is ideal for people who would like to use the common areas once to twice a month or who would like to use the conference rooms (2 credits are included monthly).

Mobile desk

This membership is ideal for members who wish to have 24/7 access to the space. These members can work in the common areas.

This membership includes access to events, members portal and conference room through credits (2 credits are allocated monthly and it’s possible to be charge for additional credits).

Assigned desk

Each workstation is assigned to the member in an open space only accessible to members of this type of membership. Chairs, lockable filling cabinet and desks are provided.

This membership includes 24/7 access to a space, access to events, printing stations, members portal and conference rooms via credits (2 credits are allocated monthly and it’s possible to be charge for additional credits).

Private office

Private offices can accommodate teams of all sizes. It is even possible to customize these spaces according to your needs. Chairs, lockable filling cabinets and desks are provided for each workstation.

This subscription includes 24/7 access to space, access to events, printing stations, members portal and conference rooms through credits (number of credits allocated monthly depending on the number of workstation in the space and it’s possible to pay for additional credits)

Mobile desks and flex memberships begin as soon as you sign up, while the assigned desks and Private Offices contracts start on the first business day of the month.

For all types of memberships, the move in takes place on the last working day of the month. However, it is possible to optimize your membership at any time! We also offer the possibility of subscribing to long-term agreements.

In addition, members must notify the WorkBase team one month prior to their move out.

This service is only available to private office members. An VO IP telephone connection port is assigned to each workstation.

Conference rooms can be booked from the members portal directly on the WorkBase application or online.

You can select the desired conference room according to your criteria’s and needs. You simply need to select the time and date. It’s possible to sort by criteria selected to know the availability of rooms.

Yes, it is possible to modify or cancel a reservation up to 60 minutes before it starts.

No, it is necessary to have a key card to access the space outside the official opening hours (Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00). Only members who have a private office, an assigned desk or a mobile desk hold a key card.

Guests can be registered in the members portal under the visitors tab. You can register as many guests as you want.

Yes, it is possible to receive guests in your office or in a common area. You can simply register them directly on the Members Portal under the visitors tab and you will receive a notification once they show up at the reception.

A service retainer is only required for private offices and mobile desks. The requested security deposit is 2 times the cost of the monthly membership. This deposit will be return to you within 30 days after your move out.

Flex members or mobile membership can unsubscribe at any time during the month, via the members portal under the Subscription tab, in anticipation of a move out the last working day of the month.

Members of private offices or assigned desks must notify the WorkBase team one full month before the anticipated move out date. Moving contracts must be completed no later than the last day of the month (one whole month in advance).

Certainly yes! It is even possible to customize your own office. Contact us directly for more information by email at

Yes, additional fees may be added if the services included are exceeded.

o Conference room credit: $ 25 / credit

o Black and white printing: $ 0.08 / print

o Color printing: $ 0.40 / print

o Additional member (for private offices only): $ 100 / month

o Replacement of the key card: $ 25

o Replacement of the physical key: $ 10

The opening hours of the reception are from 9:00 to 17:00.

On the other hand, members of private offices or assigned desks have access 24/7 to the space with their key cards.

It’s better to book a visit directly online or contact us directly at

No, unfortunately the establishment does not admit animals.

120 black and white copies and 20 color copies per person are included monthly, for private offices and assigned desks members. Credits do not roll over from one month to the other.

If you exceed the number of credits allocated per month, a fee of $ 0.40 will be applied per color copy and $ 0.08 per additional black and white copy.

The conference rooms can accommodate an average of 4 to 12 people.

A number of credits is allocated based on the type of membership and the number of workstations included in a private office. These credits are used for the booking of conference rooms. If the number of credits allocated is exceeded, the price per additional credit is $ 25.

A reservation for one hour is usually 1 credit. However, the number of credits may vary depending on the time and the size of the room.

Since we want to guarantee you a seat in our space, it is safer to register before your visit directly in the reservation tab of the member portal.

This service is included in private offices and assigned desks memberships.

flex members or mobile desks can join by paying an additional $ 50 per month.

For members of private offices and assigned desk several payment methods are accepted such as credit cards, direct deposits and transfers.

For flex membership or mobile desk, it is only possible to pay by credit card as the membership is taken directly online at

Members subscribing to private offices and mobile desks are required to pay a $ 100 setup fee in order to activate their account.

Our referral program offers a monthly commission of 10% on the net price of the membership, for all the references that turn into a membership. Commissions are paid up to 12 months. This program applies to members of private offices, mobile desks and assigned desks.

Yes, our account receivable department adds a fee of 10% of the unpaid invoice amount if the payment was not processed on the 10th day of the month. We invite you to consult us directly at 833-975-2273 or by email at for further information.


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