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Our spaces

Discover the phare Le Ste Catherine

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Located in an old textile factory, our newest building Le Ste Catherine is right in the hearth of the city. Textile was once Montreal’s most influential industry and dominated the local economy. The city was known for its community of local artisans that shared their expertise and powered factories like the one once found in our building. Our goal is to recreate this knowledge sharing community by bringing business and startups closer together. What was once factory floors is now a coworking space. Bring clients to the city’s cultural district, The Quartier des Spectacles located only a few blocks away. Le Ste Catherine is only a few minutes away from the world-renowned Old Port of Montreal, our flagship location is the perfect place to setup your new HQ.

Our common spaces

Our common spaces were created to connect our community members rather than separate them. We see these spaces as a great way to unplug and have meaningful face-to-face conversations.

Our relaxation spaces

We believe in working hard but sometimes we need to take a step back and relax a little. You’ll find our relaxation spaces ideal for a quick recharge before getting back to changing the world.

Our conference rooms

We offer state-of-the-art conference rooms for your brainstorming sessions with your team or for a big meeting with clients and investors.

Our phone booths

Although we’re always working as a community, we do realise the need for privacy. This is why you’ll have sound proof phone booths for your private conversations.

We create spaces which

Allow People to FeelFocused and Comfortable.

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